Phoenix project simulation

About Phoenix Simulation

The simulation game is based upon ‘The Phoenix Project’ Book which explain about all the roles in an IT on how to coordinate, communicate and collaborate to maximize the returns on investment.

, Phoenix project simulation, Empiric Management Solutions

What is in it for you?

  • How to apply DevOps principles in a real life situation?
  • How to find the right balance between delivering your SLA requirements and your IT projects according to plan?
  • How to experience how DevOps can bring serious value to your business?
  • How to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT Department?
  • How to create better flow in your teams?
  • How to develop people’s skills to act in a DevOps environment?
  • How to show business their responsibilities in making IT Projects more successful?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn more about DevOps
  • Learn more about the practical implementation of DevOps
  • Learn how to develop collaboration within your teams
  • Learn more about how to increase business value
, Phoenix project simulation, Empiric Management Solutions
, Phoenix project simulation, Empiric Management Solutions

What do you get?

Participant of Phoenix project business simulation.


Anyone who is interest to understand implementation of Devops

Pre Requisites

No pre requisite as such


24999 plus taxes

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