october, 2020

24oct(oct 24)9:00 am25(oct 25)6:00 pmEvent OverLive Online - Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master(DALSM)

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About Disciplined Agile (DA)

Disciplined Agile (DA) is a process-decision tool kit that provides straightforward guidance to help people, teams, and organizations to streamline their processes in a context-sensitive manner.

DA provides a solid foundation for business agility by showing how the various activities such as Solution Delivery (software development), IT Operations, Enterprise Architecture, Portfolio Management, Security, Finance, Vendor Management, and many others work together. DA also describes what these activities should address, provides a range of options for doing so, and describes the trade-offs associated with each option.

DA is architected into four views:
Mindset: Builds on the foundations of agile and lean to address enterprise realities.
People: Roles, responsibilities, and team structures.
Flow: This captures the dynamic aspects of processes via lifecycle diagrams and workflow diagrams.
Practices: This captures detailed strategies/techniques that are put into context via process goal diagrams.

This 2-day DALSM Course is designed for professionals who are experienced and understand Agile and Lean fundamentals. The DALSM Certification is designed to help leaders, such as Scrum Masters, of Agile teams to find solutions to delivery challenges. The course is based on the Choose you WoW Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook which provides guided continuous improvement for teams looking to become effective at software delivery using Agile techniques.

This course will teach you how to employ concepts such as eliminating waste, cost of delay, quality, rapid feedback and response, and the role of management. It also covers all aspects of Disciplined Agile, including its conceptual basis, how it is organized, roles and team structures, and its overall scope.

The Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM) training and certification provide tools and strategies to help you lead an agile team, influence people, find solutions to delivery challenges quickly and to tailor your agile implementation using “best” or simply “practices” that match and reflect the unique situation of your team finds itself in. In effect allowing you to choose a Way of Working that is backed by Scott Ambler and Mark Lines, Agile Delivery Handbook called “Choose your WoW”

DALSM Course Audience

The 2 Day Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master course is for people who:

➔  Have a practical background in Agile and Lean and Disciplined Agile
➔  Are Leaders who are considering DA for their teams and want to get a better understanding of an agnostic agile approach to scaling agile across the business
➔  Scrum Masters who want to advance their existing Scrum Master skills
➔  Anyone who needs to lead and an agile or lean team in an enterprise environment

Learning Objectives

➔  Day 1 – Discover the basic elements and scope of Disciplined Agile, understand the full range of business agility, learn how to organize people into agile teams, understand where you fit into an agile team or organization, organize the flow of work within a team and across teams, learn how teams can work differently yet still be governed consistently.

➔  Day 2 – Learn how to lead your team through a tailoring workshop to identify their initial way of working (WoW), select the best-fit lifecycle for your team, choose the Disciplined Agile goal diagrams that are most relevant to your team’s situation, apply the relevant goal diagrams to identify techniques and practices that are most likely to work in your team’s context, Improve retrospectives by using tools from Disciplined Agile to identify techniques that will more accurately address your current challenges.

Day 1 :

    – Disciplined Agile Foundations of Agile

     ● The Disciplined Agile Mindset
○ The seven principles of DA
○ The Disciplined Agile Manifesto
● Overview of Disciplined Agile
○ Layers of organizational agility
○ Lifecycles – Team and value stream (DA FLEX)
○ Goal diagrams – How to read and how to use
○ Complex adaptive systems
● People and Teams
○ Roles and responsibilities
○ Team structures
● Team Agility
○ Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD)
○ Agile business teams
○ Agile service teams
●  Organizational agility
○ Value streams
○ Disciplined DevOps
○ Disciplined Agile IT (DAIT)
○ Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)
○ Disciplined Agile FLEX
● Lean Governance

Day 2 :

Choosing Your WoW ( Way of Working ):

●  Getting started and familiar with the Process Tool
●  DA principles and complex adaptive systems (CAS)
●  Five steps to choosing your team’s way of working (WoW)
●  Analyze the context
●  Select best-fit lifecycle
●  Connect the dots
●  Make some choices
●  Guided continuous improvement
●  Working through scenario 1 using the five steps of choosing your team’s WoW
●  Working through scenario 2 using the five steps of choosing your team’s WoW
●  Wrap up


24 (Saturday) 9:00 am - 25 (Sunday) 6:00 pm IST


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