Diploma in NLP

What is NLP Diploma course?

NLP Diploma Course will help you to improve your communication skills in every area of your life. In your work, relationships, with friends and family, helping you to understand people better, build rapport easily and improve your coaching skills and confidence enormously.


, Diploma in NLP, Empiric Management Solutions

What is in it for you?

  • Discover what people are REALLY saying and understand the real meaning behind their words
  • Tune in to how people are talking to you
  • Remove the barriers that hold you back and boost your confidence
  • The Tools to Reach Your Full Potential
  • Change your thoughts about what is possible and make yourself think more productively about success
  • A Focused Approach to Life
  • You can learn how to say 'no' and get the other person to say 'yes'!

Learning Objectives

  • Excellent Communication & Rapport Skills
  • Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Forward-Moving Thinking
  • Clear the clutter and turn challenges into success
  • Excellent Rapport & Confidence Building Skills
  • What makes people tick (including you)? Become more persuasive
  • To give you a stand-alone set of tools to apply to a coaching practice or life in general
  • To give you extra insights into the hidden meanings behind what people say
  • To enable you to facilitate change in a conversational way so that you can apply coaching skills to every
  • situation even with resistant clients - ideal for coaching teenagers or anyone who has been 'sent' for coaching
  • To give you a greater understanding about how people's minds affect their results
, Diploma in NLP, Empiric Management Solutions
, Diploma in NLP, Empiric Management Solutions

What do you get?

NLP Diploma Certificate from NLP Center of Excellence and another from the IANLPC.
Course kit


Anyone who is interest to improve coaching skills

Pre Requisites

No pre requisite as such


35000 plus 18% GST

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